This is my favorite ball Spalding TF50 Outdoor

Without a ball, it’s hard to play basketball

Fortunately, you can easily find the ideal model to practice your favorite sport, whether with friends for fun or as a team. Indeed, there is at your disposal a wide selection of balloons for men, women and children, as well as official products of the NBA. All sizes are represented and for brands, you find the largest sports equipment manufacturers such as Spalding, Molten and Nike.

The essential accessory to practice this sport
The choice of a basketball can not be done at random. There are a few criteria to consider. First, the size depends on the age of the players and the level of practice. For example, for children from 3 years old, buy a size 1. For practitioners over 14, we recommend a size 6 for women and a size 7 for men. Then, the material is also an important detail. If you play indoors, it’s better to choose leather. Outside, rubber is more suitable because more resistant. Finally, your use (during training, games, for recreation … etc.) will also have an impact on your choice. If you play in competition, you have to choose a dedicated model, like Spalding’s TF1000 and Molten’s GG7. The brand is also a selection criterion because some are specialized for many years in the sale of basketball equipment (Nike for example).

A varied offer of models and sizes for small and big players
On our article, you will find all our selection of balloons to play indoors, outdoors, for competitions or for recreation. We present you the best brands, those that have proven themselves on the field and with players, like Nike, Molten and Spalding.

This is my favorite ball

Spalding TF50 Outdoor

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