Every serious basketball player needs a personal shooting system.

Here is what you need:

1. A clear example for pure shooting technique — (don’t be deceived, many pro players have hands so huge they make shooting a basketball seem like shooting a nerf ball. Their technique based on their hand size, height and so forth may look very different than what you need for your height and size.) Can you identify the keys to a great shooting technique? Who is your role model? What do you use as a visual to help you with your shooting form?

2. Repeatability. Can you repeat exactly what you do over and over again? Where are your eyes every time, where are your hands on the ball?

3. A  clear understanding of physics. Do you know the physics of how the ball is designed to rotate? What is the optimum arch angle?

4. Tools for Correction. There are four ways to miss a shot. Do you know why you missed and how to correct what is going wrong? You must be able to know why you missed and what to do.

5. A consistent practice schedule. Shooting is a skill requiring daily work. Have a program that includes time without a ball, time without a hoop, specific shooting reps from spots on the floor.

6. Increase pressure. Shooting requires the ability to be calm and accurate under even the most intense pressure. Design your workout to include pressure. Put up consequences if you miss, play at game speed and put something on the line.

7. Take a game break. During the summer, get away from 5 on 5 for a little while and work solely on improving your shooting and offensive skills.

8. Be able to miss. Some of the worse shooters are those who are type A personalities who hate to miss. If they miss it is almost like poison to them. They stop shooting or they get down on themselves– either way they have trouble. Shooting isn’t like math. Getting 100% is not feasible. Focus instead on 100% accuracy of your form and having confidence. Make your 100% be for your courage, your shooting form accuracy, and quality decisions you make on when and where to shoot, not on whether it goes in.

9. Go to camp. All the answers to the questions above you can find at camp. We have coaches ready to help you create your pure shooting program. Come get better as an athlete, a student, a person and a shooter this summer.

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