Shooting is basketball’s most important and most difficult skill to master.
The dunk is basketball’s most exciting shot. The swish from three point land is basketball’s most beautiful shot. Dunks move screaming fans to their feet. Three point swishes move fans to awe.

When Gutzon Borglum designed and crafted Mr. Rushmore he said if he wanted to reach the human intellect he would have put the five presidents on the head of a pin, but to reach man’s emotions he built them on the side of a mountain. The pure jump shot inspires the intellect, the dunk impacts the emotions.

Pure shooting impacts the intellect because it is the product of the brain. Shooters are not born. They do not come from genes, raw talent, or muscle. Pure shooters are the product of hours of intentional skill and development.

Many programs will not take the time necessary to help athletes become pure shooters because it takes hours and hours of specific repetition and many times the shot must get worse before it can get better. Athletes who learn to shoot incorrectly have a huge disadvantage because of the tremendous amount of time it takes to correct bad shooting habits.

At camp, we have developed a shooting program which covers alignment, power source, accuracy, softness, arch, and back spin.

The key to mastering your shot is perfect repetition.  Repetition of the perfect shot.  People, especially people in western civilization, expect immediate results.  When attempting to improve any aspect of our basketball game, we expect to get better NOW.  Asian culture teaches youth to love repetition.  The piano player in Japan prefers to practice one song 1000 times so they can play it perfectly.  Youth in the USA tend to want to play 1000 songs one time without regard to perfection.

T I M E” spells “great shooter.”  “A L O N E” is the necessary discipline to become a pure shooter.  Spinach is an term that refers to the repetition of your shooting motion without using a basket.  Spinach is just you and your basketball.  By practicing your shooting form many times every day you will perfect your form and teach your muscles to shoot correctly.  I can tell you this from experience, the feeling that comes from making a clutch shot in a key game more than makes up for the hundreds of hours you put into your shot.


Focus intensely on every practice shot.
1 position: hand in front of body palm up…index middle finger on seams; V on heel of hand.
2 position: ball in jump shot position; elbow shoulder high; wrinkles on wrist guide hand touches ball and moves about 2” off ball.
3 position: hold your hand in the “cookie jar.”
You must be able to shoot ball in front of you or directly behind you.
Your goal is to learn to have perfect form and shoot the ball softly.

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